Hand Massage Therapy

Hand Massage


A form of reflexology in which parts of the hands are rubbed with the fingers & knuckles, with the intent of stimulating nerve endings for various organs. Help reduce stress.



We practice using organic oils to enhance psychological and physical well-being. We have a large variety of oils from which to choose.  

Acupressure Massage


We used Acupressure points to help with healing for Heart, Diabetes, Thyroid, Pancreas & Kidney issues. 

Improve Your Well-Being!

Relaxation and Healing


We practice using physical healing meditation, energy healing therapy

We can help reduce stress, depression and anxiety. We help release negative energy. 

Flower Therapy


This Therapy helps to engage people in an authentic way and empower them to find meaning and purpose in their struggles. We use flowers to screen your Aura as well as to reduce Stress & Depression

Life Coaching


Life Coaching, consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, counseling, reduce stress  depression. We show you how to identify and connect with your Angels.


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